"I first consulted with Brenda in March 2018 for my husband. Because of his PTSD, he never liked for me to travel, even for short periods of time. He had a stroke in September 2015, which I felt this made it more concerning for him to be alone. I had a trip of a lifetime planned with my daughter and granddaughter. We would be gone for 8 days and I was extremely worried about leaving my husband. A friend of mine suggested homeopathy and I thought of Brenda. We had our consult over the phone and she sent a remedy for my husband. Even for a person who believes in miracles, this was pretty miraculous!! My husband had taken the remedy for 4 days and he said to me, "I am really excited about your trip because I know how much you want to go." I felt like I was sitting with a stranger, after 40 years of disagreeing every time I went anywhere, this was indeed a jaw dropping moment! The effective remedy allowed me to relax while I traveled and my husband did very well while we were gone. We talked everyday and not once did I hear any anxiety or nervousness in his voice. Everyone that visited him commented on how relaxed he was and how well he was doing! I cannot recommend Brenda or homeopathy enough, no matter the issue. " - Y. Lucas, SC 






"After 2 years of intermittent blood in his urine, which was treated with antibiotics, my 10 year-old Border Collie, Verve, was diagnosed with prostatic cysts via an abdominal ultrasound in May. At that point he was either urinating blood or dribbling blood almost daily. The recommended treatment was neutering.  Since he is a sought after stud dog, I really didn't want to go that route unless there were no other options. That's when I contacted Brenda to get her counsel on possible homeopathic treatment. She took my case, and with extensive analysis prescribed a remedy which was available in my local health food store. We followed her treatment plan which was very simple, 2 pellets for 7 days. That was in the early part of June. It is now July 12 and there has been no blood since the treatment. Not only that, but I can tell he feels better in general. Thank you so much Brenda. My boy is back to his super vibrant self! I believe!! "

Catie Williams, Bourne, MA, WonderDogs and Friends, LLC 


DIABETES - LONG - HOLISTIC TREATMENT. One of my dogs was diagnosed with Diabetes about three months ago. Nothing hereditary that I could see, but she was overweight, hates to exercise and is constantly at my feet. With blood sugar levels over 400 the vet started her at 12 units of insulin twice a day and switched her food to a w/d no glucose Science diet. Historically I never touch that stuff, feeding half raw and half a highly ranked kibble. As I knew nothing about Diabetes I went with it. A week later on the diet the levels ROSE....to I believe around 457. We were upped to 15 units twice a day of insulin. I stuck with the food for several weeks but was always searching for an alternative. I found a huge amount of conflicting diets on line. Primarily I was looking for a raw diet or something that would help bring down the levels and stabilize with the insulin injections. What happened next was seriously amazing. I switched to a raw diet recommended by Brenda Tobin of Wellness Matters. Each week I went in, they couldn't believe how low her blood sugar was and reduced the amount of insulin. It culminated in a seizure about ten days ago from low blood sugar. I had the karo syrup and she was fine. I reduced the insulin to 5 units twice a day (it had been at 8). Retested on the Monday and it was STILL low. The vet took her off insulin totally and she is now a week later absolutely fine with normal blood sugar levels. He was WHO IS THIS PERSON that gave you the diet LOL!! All her other blood counts were totally normal. Brenda had told me when I first consulted her that she had taken MANY dogs off insulin totally within a year. I was like yeah sure, but I'll try anything to make my dog feel better and to stop these twice a day injections. Totally UNBELIEVABLE....she is now back to her normal self, totally off insulin. Admittedly we are also making her go on walks etc and not just lie on the couch all day. She has some damage to her eyes with glaucoma but not too bad. I have always been a big fan of raw, but with six dogs and traveling and shows etc, I switched to half and half many years ago. She will stay on Raw. She's nearly 9 and hopefully many years to go insulin free.

Brenda Treats all sorts of ailments that the vets can't give a fix without surgery or extreme medication. I really hope people will consult her if they think they might have a problem.

Brenda's Facebook page is Wellness Matters. Check it out, she does on line consultations. 

Brenda Tobin, Wellness Matters, Thank you!- Leslie E. , Sandwich,MA AbFab Border Collies   

cat ear infection .jpg

​"Luna’s ear infection is all gone after just 2 doses of the remedy and a few days of rest. Thanks again Brenda Tobin! She’s a happy kitty again!"- C. Leo, Texas 

Heard from my client, who relied on Mirilax for 12 years and coffee enemas 2x daily for the past 2 years for her chronic constipation, that she has had normal BM's for the past three weeks after taking the homeopathic remedy I prescribed. :-) Homeopathy Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Natural, Safe and Effective!!!!!  Client was treated remotely in Massachusetts 

“My session with Brenda was again spot on. She recommended a remedy for Westley that we had on had because it was our go to when our son was younger! Thuja! Cracked me up. My son and my dog have similar constitutionals.”

Have a great day,


Dog Coach LLC



“Brenda, I am still feeling very good - confident and generally relaxed. This is amazing and a huge blessing as my normal state for my whole life as far back as I can remember was one of generalized anxiety for no apparent reason. I lived with a feeling of dread, constricted muscles even in my sleep and almost torturous shyness as a child. I did grow up and learn how to function fairly normally, and I made my accommodations to have a level of success, but that naggy anxiety was still there. Not fun! I was finally fed up with it and asked for your help, and help is what I got. Thank you so much, dear heart." Marsha D. , SC 

​"I had severe nerve pain after lung surgery and migraine headaches nothing helped so I contacted Brenda it has been 2 weeks since starting natural med NO nerve pain and NO migraines!!!! life is wonderful again!!  love you Brenda!" Diane P., WI 


​"This guy has been suffering with respiratory issues for a long time. Varies from asthma to coughing and lots of horse size boogers. 10 days into a program with our animal homeopath and he hasn't coughed since the 5th day! High Five Brenda Tobin!"

Patti B, PhD. WI 

​"My 18 month old Jack Russell was suffering from reactions to the Rabies vaccine and I thought I was going to lose her. Brenda helped getting her high fever down and was available every step of the way even after midnight! Many thanks!"  Audrey L. MA 


"My 12 year old diabetic blind min pin Bean has had Awful "death breath " for quit sometime! We could never take her In to the vet to have her teeth cleaned since we don't vaccinate! Brenda has been treating our other dog so we asked Her to help with Bean! Brenda tweaked her diet.  We do mostly raw now to include one chicken leg raw Per day to help Her breath! Within two weeks Beans breath was gone! My husband and I were shocked and are now firm believers in the raw Diet and I'm Brenda! Bean has also changed In the amount of insulin she needs! Thanks so much Brenda for helping my baby!!" Julie W., SC


“Hi Brenda! Just wanted to check in and say thank you for all your guidance with Daphney. Tonight one of my daughters and I took her on a really long walk (about .5 mile was up hill) and she did so great. We’ve also seen her running more. We are so grateful and hopefully can enjoy her for more years to come!!
Oh yes! And she goes up and down our large flight of stairs again too!”- Shannon M, IA


This 10 1/2 year old dog was suffering from lameness, stiffness, shifting pains and was having trouble going up stairs. She has a history of anaplasmosis.