"My dog Charley has been a client of Brenda's for many years. She has treated many health needs for him and his brother. Treatments have ranged from ear infections to allergies / diet modifications to pain management. When I found out that Brenda moved away from my home state, I was concerned about finding another reputable person to not only treat our dogs' health needs naturally, but to perform Reiki on Charley. Charley is now a senior and his comfort level is of utmost importance. She advised me that it was not a problem to utilize Reiki remotely . I was so relieved. We set up a time for this and Brenda went to work. She found a few things that needed addressing. Those things have been now addressed and Charley is feeling much better. I highly recommend Brenda and her services. It is wonderful that she has the ability to provide services remotely. She is always accurate with her suggestions and very on point with treatment recommendations. So thankful that we are able to maintain our long distance relationship with her!

Many Thanks from Gale and Charley”- South Carolina 

"Because of curiosity, my one-year old German Shepherd met a copperhead nose to nose early one morning. Her snout was swelling rapidly. I was able to contact Brenda and she was responsive immediately. Because we live in a very rural area, I keep remedies on hand. We were able to treat my dog as Brenda instructed within 30 minutes. The remedy noticeably reduced the swelling almost immediately and my dog was running and playing as normal by the end of the day. For this and many other reasons, Brenda is my trusted go-to practitioner for both my pets and for me. She's the bomb!"- Cheryl L. - South Carolina 

"I cannot recommend Brenda enough! Otis nearly died after his last shots. His kidneys were damaged and the vet had him on a specific food and supplement for kidneys that was ruining his skin, worsening his allergies and giving him anxiety. We tried switching his food to a top of the line brand and his skin got better but he got a bladder stones and needed surgery. After that I was too scared to make any changes on our own. After consulting with Brenda, she put him on a raw diet (something I had been very leary of) and treated him with supplements and homeopathy. His fur grew back, the yeast cleared up, his allergies are so much better and his anxiety has almost completely gone away. The only solution for his allergies the vet had offered was a $90 a month drug that would lower his immune system which was the opposite of what he needed. And to be honest, the vet couldn't tell me how exactly the drug worked, I had to look that up on my own which was frustrating. And that was on top of the $75 a month supplement and very expensive food he was on at the time.
Thank you Brenda Tobin!" - Lauren Small, SC


        Before and After Pictures 

                                                                   Before and After photos of a Cat with upper respiratory infection ​


Cat with a Rodent Ulcer-  Pictured 4 days apart