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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Animal Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials people have written about how homeopathy has helped their pets.


"After 2 years of intermittent blood in his urine, which was treated with antibiotics, my 10 year-old Border Collie, Verve, was diagnosed with prostatic cysts via an abdominal ultrasound in May. At that point he was either urinating blood or dribbling blood almost daily. The recommended treatment was neutering.  Since he is a sought after stud dog, I really didn't want to go that route unless there were no other options.

That's when I contacted Brenda to get her counsel on possible homeopathic treatment.

She took my case, and with extensive analysis prescribed a remedy which was available in my local health food store. We followed her treatment plan which was very simple, 2 pellets for 7 days. That was in the early part of June. It is now July 12 and there has been no blood since the treatment. Not only that, but I can tell he feels better in general. Thank you so much Brenda. My boy is back to his super vibrant self! I believe!! "

Catie Williams, Bourne, MA, WonderDogs and Friends, LLC 


One of my dogs was diagnosed with Diabetes. With blood sugar levels over 400 the vet started her at 12 units of insulin twice a day and switched her food to "W/D Science diet". A week later on the diet the levels around 457. We were upped to 15 units insulin twice a day. I stuck with the food for several weeks but was always searching for an alternative. 

What happened next was seriously amazing. I switched to a raw diet recommended by Brenda Tobin of Wellness Matters. Each week I went in, they couldn't believe how low her blood sugar was and reduced the amount of insulin. It culminated in a seizure about ten days ago from low blood sugar. I had the karo syrup and she was fine. 

The vet eventually took her off insulin totally and she is now fine with normal blood sugar levels.

Brenda had told me when I first consulted her that she had taken MANY dogs off insulin totally within a year.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! She is now back to her normal self, totally off insulin. 

Brenda treats all sorts of ailments that the vets can't give a fix without surgery or extreme medication. I really hope people will consult her if they think they might have a problem.

Thank you!- Leslie E. , Sandwich,MA AbFab Border Collies   


Brenda truly saved my dog’s life!

My dog Chief was 13 at the time (slightly over a year ago) and had become so stiff and nearly immobile. 

She needed my help just to stand up and go outside. I began thinking about making the decision that we all dread and that I was terrified to make when I met Brenda and scheduled a consultation for my best friend.

We did it remotely with video chat, and I was so impressed with her thoroughness in treatment of my girl. But what was truly amazing was seeing her knowledge change my dog’s life. We changed Chief’s diet and added supplements to her daily routine, and WOW. I still remember the day that Chief and I made our first full trip around the block again. I nearly cried.

Brenda gave me more time with my best friend. We have gained over a year and she is still going strong at 14, closing in on 15. I will be forever grateful to Brenda and her knowledge.

If you are considering setting an appointment with her, do it! You will be grateful! Thank you Brenda! ❤️- T. Whitley, SC   ​​

allie start .jpg
Tumor start of treatment

"I just want to say natural healing/homeopathy ROCKS! 

Our chihuahua Allie ( age 8 ) had a very fast growing tumor on her leg that was irritating her. We panicked and scheduled her for surgery which would’ve cost us around $650. I didn’t want to put her through that so my husband and I discussed it and decided to go the natural alternate route (way cheaper and less invasive).


I contacted a homeopathic vet Brenda at Wellness Matters who does video chat/calls for appointments with patients out of state . The first appointment went well and she was very reassuring and put our minds at ease.


You can tell she has a true passion for helping pets and people! We followed her advice and WOW! The results are phenomenal. We are still working closely with her and expect to see it go away completely.


Plus Allie’s skin, coat and ears are back to normal. Her energy is like a puppy’s again 😍" A. Entilwise, SC 

What client's are saying.....jpg

"Jack is a male, grey short haired cat that I rescued from my brothers house. Jack was not happy and seemed to not be enjoying life and we really didn't know what to do for him. He came to our household 5 years ago, after being thrown outside to fend for himself.

 Jack is declawed. I DO NOT condone declawing, but this was done to him prior to us taking him in. I find declawing to be barbaric (and here is a reason why). Jack had burning, hot feet and sharp pain in all feet. After talking with Brenda we got the remedy and give it to him for two weeks. What a difference it made in giving him relief!!

He became calmer, didn't obsessively lick himself anymore, stopped lashing out and became much more loving!!


Brenda helped to give our Jack some long overdue peace and comfort! I cannot thank her enough for all she has done to help our baby." - J. Harper, - New Mexico


My Golden Retriever Fisher has suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety since he's been a pup.

We have had him on all types of medications to try and get him balanced.

It's amazing how quickly the natural remedies work for him! We now have him off all medications!

For the first time in ten and a half years, he is calm and relaxed! Thank you Brenda for helping us!


- J. Kastner , SC 

Great Dane with Keloid .  Before and after photos.  

The whole process took 3 months using one remedy and calendula cream once the keloid fell off.  


"Luna’s ear infection is all gone after just 2 doses of the remedy and a few days of rest. She’s a happy kitty again!

Thanks again Brenda Tobin!"- C. Leo, Texas 

cat ear infection _edited.jpg
cat ear infection _edited.jpg

​"My 18 month old Jack Russell was suffering from reactions to the Rabies vaccine and I thought I was going to lose her. Brenda helped getting her high fever down and was available every step of the way even after midnight!

Many thanks!"  Audrey L. MA 

21078737_1430720493630824_110300047533907230_n (1).jpg

"My 12 year old diabetic blind min pin Bean has had awful "death breath" for quite sometime! We could never take her In to the vet to have her teeth cleaned since we don't vaccinate!

Brenda has been treating our other dog so we asked her to help with Bean! Brenda tweaked her diet.  We do mostly raw now to include one chicken leg raw per day to help her breath!

Within two weeks Bean's bad breath was gone! My husband and I were shocked and are now firm believers in the raw Diet and Brenda! Bean has also changed In the amount of insulin she needs! Thanks so much Brenda for helping my baby!!" Julie W., SC

70990207_2424097524293111_1290947932295528448_n (1).jpg

“Hi Brenda! Just wanted to check in and say thank you for all your guidance with Daphney. Tonight one of my daughters and I took her on a really long walk (about .5 mile was up hill) and she did so great. We’ve also seen her running more. We are so grateful and hopefully can enjoy her for more years to come!!
Oh yes! And she goes up and down our large flight of stairs again too!”- Shannon M, IA


This 10 1/2 year old dog was suffering from lameness, stiffness, shifting pains and was having trouble going up stairs. She has a history of anaplasmosis.

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