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Human Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials people have written about how homeopathy has helped them or their loved ones.

My Story

“Brenda, I am still feeling very good - confident and generally relaxed. This is amazing and a huge blessing as my normal state for my whole life as far back as I can remember was one of generalized anxiety for no apparent reason. I lived with a feeling of dread, constricted muscles even in my sleep and almost torturous shyness as a child. I did grow up and learn how to function fairly normally, and I made my accommodations to have a level of success, but that naggy anxiety was still there. Not fun! I was finally fed up with it and asked for your help, and help is what I got. Thank you so much, dear heart." Marsha D. , SC 

Heard from my client, who relied on Mirilax for 12 years and coffee enemas 2x daily for the past 2 years for her chronic constipation, that she has had normal BM's for the past three weeks after taking the homeopathic remedy I prescribed. :-) Homeopathy Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Natural, Safe and Effective!!!!!  Client was treated remotely in Massachusetts 

"I first consulted with Brenda in March 2018 for my husband. Because of his PTSD, he never liked for me to travel, even for short periods of time. He had a stroke in September 2015, which I felt this made it more concerning for him to be alone. I had a trip of a lifetime planned with my daughter and granddaughter. We would be gone for 8 days and I was extremely worried about leaving my husband. A friend of mine suggested homeopathy and I thought of Brenda. We had our consult over the phone and she sent a remedy for my husband. Even for a person who believes in miracles, this was pretty miraculous!! My husband had taken the remedy for 4 days and he said to me, "I am really excited about your trip because I know how much you want to go." I felt like I was sitting with a stranger, after 40 years of disagreeing every time I went anywhere, this was indeed a jaw dropping moment! The effective remedy allowed me to relax while I traveled and my husband did very well while we were gone. We talked everyday and not once did I hear any anxiety or nervousness in his voice. Everyone that visited him commented on how relaxed he was and how well he was doing! I cannot recommend Brenda or homeopathy enough, no matter the issue. " - Y. Lucas, SC 

Remember my client awhile back, the guy who was on dialysis three times a week, four hours each time, for YEARS? He started seeing me in October 2021, on December 11, 2021 he was taken off of dialysis. We had a follow up yesterday and HE. IS. STILL. OFF DIALYSIS! His kidney function when we started was at a 6, it is now at a 15%, which Is HUGE for him

ONE homeopathic remedy did this. is safe, effective and inexpensive. Can I add...It's a no brainer!

Testimonial from a client In Holland,

"For many years, I have suffered from great difficulty in going to sleep. It usually took me two hours to go to sleep after going into bed, and that was if I was fortunate. Due to various medications, the problem only got worse. Thanks to Brenda's treatment, sleep problems are now in the past. I now no longer have a fear of going to bed, and it is wonderful that my struggles to go to sleep are something in the past. "

She took one homeopathic remedy. Her overall mood has changed too. She Is less anxious and generally much happier.

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